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Janine Galiotti

Director, Partnership Marketing at US Tennis Association

Janine Galiotti is a proud graduate of Manhattanville College who attended from 2002-2007, studying Business and Communications along with Sports Business Management. Within her time at Manhattanville, Janine was able to get involved in the athletics program. From being a softball athlete to hoping to play NCAA Division III at Manhattanville, she felt attracted to the idea of being able to work in the sports industry. According to Galiotti, her time as a student athlete was the best experience she has ever had. She decided to go to graduate school to pursue a degree in Sports Business Management, as well as stay on as assistant coach for softball.

After graduation, Janine started a job at Madison Square Garden as an intern for ticketing services. Shortly after accepting the job for MSG, she was offered a position with The New York Yankees. As a softball fanatic herself, working for the New York Yankees was hitting a jackpot! It was her dream job, especially growing up as a Derek Jeter fan. After her time at the Yankees, she transitioned to working for the United State Tennis Association as Director of Partnerships.

“….it sounds so cliche but it’s true, network with anybody.” Janine said when explaining how she earned her job for the Yankees.

Janine explained that while taking classes at Manhattanville, one important lesson she learned was to not be stuck on one specific idea when it comes to Sports Business. She explained how her core classes such as Sports Law helped give her a foundation when she started working. Janine strongly encourages current students to ask questions to professors or industry professionals. She explained how informational interviews helped and made connections more personal.

When asked what her advice was for those pursuing the degree or thinking about pursuing it, Janine said, “Keep an open mind. You wanna work in sports, and that is the end goal, but it may not happen the way you want it. Having patience and understanding will help you go a long way. Even if you don’t immediately start working into sports, it will benefit you in the long run.”

Christina Surrusco

Partnership Manager

Christina Surrusco is from the southwest suburbs of Chicago. She attended University of Missouri-Columbia, receiving her bachelor’s in science and in Arts. Later that Fall she enrolled in Manhattanville College Master’s program for Sports and Entertainment Business Management.

She had an early interest in Sports when she worked as sports manager, promotional team, recruiter and more within her college career. She worked multiple jobs in college, each one giving her the experience and knowledge she has today. After graduating Manhattanville in 2018 with her Masters in Sports Business Management, she worked in college athletics in her home city and shortly after, landed an internship with BMW Golf Championship. Christina is currently working as Corporate Partnership Management for TBT The Basketball Tournament.

What intrigued her most about sports management was that this was a version of herself she has known her whole life. She enjoys the grittiness drive and passion when working with different teams and different leagues, while also staying collaborative. Christina learned many important lessons while taking classes in Sports Business Management. She learned a lot within the classroom but learned much more outside of the classroom. She spent her time networking in the community and observing her professors/speakers from the industry. She worked hard to manage her time well that she could excel inside and outside the classroom.

When asked what advice she would give to current students in the program, Christina said, “NETWORK!!! Have conversations with people, even if it’s not what you want to pursue, you can learn from EVERYONE, every classmate, professor, athletic department. It is worth blocking off an hour of your time each week just to network. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and talk to people.”

Christina is very appreciative of Dave Torromeo, her other professors, and everyone that contributed to her success. She encourages students to reach out to her, connect via LinkedIn for any questions regarding the industry or program.

Danielle LaCroix

Recreation Complex Facility Manager

Danielle LaCroix is a graduate of Manhattanville College where she received her bachelor’s in Business Management and Psychology. She then continued her education with a masters in Sports Business Management. Danielle built her resume with the necessary experiences in the Sports Business Management world, such as working as Community and Fan Relations for the Edmonton Oilers.

Danielle wanted to make a career out of sports when she became a three-sport-athlete in college and held positions such as head field hockey coach, assistant women’s lacrosse coach, and the director of hockey operations for the men’s hockey team. As a student, she made connections within the athletic department and seeked out various opportunities. “I was fortunate to have really good connections and interactions with different people through teams that opened doors for me,” said LaCroix.

During her masters program, Danielle had a positive experience and had the chance to be exposed to many different professors who taught her valuable lessons. Being from Vancouver, Canada, Danielle has tons of appreciation for the program as it is not something that is common to her area. When asked what advice she has for current students pursuing a masters degree, Danielle said, “Keep an open mind and be willing and ready to constantly learn and challenge yourself. Take opportunities that you haven’t considered previously.”

Eric Petersen

Director of Ticket Services for the NY Mets

Eric Petersen is a NY native, born and raised in Queens. Petersen began his academic career as an undergrad at Concordian College, majoring in Business Administration and English. He graduated in 2007 with his bachelor’s and returned to pursue his Master degree in Sports Business at Manhattanville in 2008. He briefly worked for an independent league baseball team then found a career at the NY Mets in 2009. Where he currently works as the Director of Ticket Services.

Eric’s dream of working in the sports industry stemmed from wanting to play. He knew he wanted to focus on sports and what he can learn as a student. Eric appreciates his first gig working with the NY Bears as their mascot. Although it wasn’t where he had hoped to be, he knew it was about making the connections. Eric thought back to when he learned about the importance of networking, “One of the things I didn’t do was network enough…” said Petersen.

When asked what advice he has for current students, Petersen said, “Make sure you’re passionate about it. A lot of people say they want to work in sports, but no one really explains what it entails. It isn’t a 9-5 and can impact your life. Be sure to have an open mind, reach out to people, and don’t take your position for granted. There is always a way to transition to better opportunities.”

Dave Torromeo

Founder and Managing Director

Dave Torromeo is a well-respected professor and head of the Sports Business Management Program at Manhattanville College. For over 28 years, his career has spanned nearly all aspects of sports business, having served most recently in various senior positions, including D-1 athletic programs and as an executive of the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame. He is also the Founder & Managing Director of Sports Business Institute (SBI, a Fastlane Co.) and trusted advisor to Future Sports Business Executives.

Dave was the original creator of the curriculum of the graduate sports business management program, which helped set the standard that other Universities emulate today. Under his leadership, he directly hired all the initial adjunct professors across the sports business spectrum and created a powerhouse advisory board of “who’s who” in the industry. In addition, Dave implemented an ongoing graduate level internship program, including on-site field studies, and rotation of notable guest speakers to highlight the latest advancements and innovations transforming the sports landscape today.

As part of his involvement at the National Football Foundation, he expanded the program to allow athletes from colleges other than major college football programs for consideration into the College Football Hall of Fame. He also played a key role in the Foundation’s educational “PLAY IT SMART” program, which helped turn football teams from inner city environments into learning teams and oversaw the scholar athlete program that honored players from all levels.

Earlier in his career, Dave served as a Sports Information Director and Assistant Athletic Director for Communications, Marketing, Promotions and Fund Raising for over 10 years including six years at Iona College, where he received his master’s degree. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Rhode Island.

Dave is a leader, educator, mentor, coach and inspiration to many former and existing students and athletes. He currently resides in Connecticut with his wife Laurie and their two children, Stephanie, and Jarrett and is a lifelong and loyal fan of the New York Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Islanders