We have a fully developed plan that we would share and collaborate with the College/University to present.


Almost every College/University now has some form of sports management offering. Ten years ago, there were 2-300 nationally that currently offered a “Sports Management/ Studies” (variations) degree (source: National Association of Sports Management). This is not all good however! There must be a supplement and connection to the industry!
Integrating students, alumni and College/University development personnel.
  • Sport Business Conferences, Symposiums and Events/ Workshops & Fairs
  • Promote “Best Practices”
  • Speaker Bureaus and Publications (White Papers)
  • Sport Business Professional Development and Mentoring Clinics
  • Professional Athlete Second Career Seminars
  • Communications, Media and Public Relations
  • Sports Science & Sports Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship in sports (numerous top level connections)
  • Clinics & Continuing Learning (CLE) for sports industry executives
  • Workshops & Fairs
  • Create Scholarship Opportunities with partner group Future Sports Business Executives
  • Speaker Bureaus

Student-Athlete Education Resources

Open on a seminar basis for fee to outsiders but as a service for student athletes at Academic Partenrs
  • Sports Agents
  • Estate planning
  • Job Search
  • Post Career planning
  • Insurance
  • Disability
  • Transition